Joseph Rodriguez – New York

The city is many cities, that’s the beautiful thing. Everyone builds their own New York, mostly out of the people who surround them. But everyone shares the sidewalks, too.

Spulciando My New York, un’edizione speciale per il 50esimo anniversario del Nymag ho scoperto il lavoro di Joseph Rodriguez, fotografo che tra il 1977 e il 1985 ha guidato un taxi a New York facendo foto dal parabrezza. Eccone alcune:

14th Street & West Side Highway | “That’s the back of the Anvil, by the West Side Highway. These guys would come out to take a leak from the club. And of course they’re having a conversation, so who knows what happened after that.”

Meatpacking District | “ ‘Don’t I look sexy?’ she said. ‘Hey, how are you today?’ My response was ‘Oh, you look very pretty.’ And then she did that.”

Outside the Vault, a popular S&M club. This was probably about 9 a.m.; some are going in, some are coming out. There’s a Dos Caminos there now.

(Didascalie dal Nymag, foto di Joseph Rodriguez)

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